Presents Personalized has brought me full circle back to making the things that I love. As a child, I created adorable clay flowers in an art class in my neighborhood. Graduate school at the Art Institute of Chicago and later culinary school taught me the skills to make useful gifts, elaborate celebration cakes, beautiful home décor items, and fashionable accessories.

Every piece my team and I create is carefully personalized as a thoughtful gift for your friend, relative, or just for you!

I am fortunate to work in my studio high on a hill overlooking the woods in Northern Illinois. I love working with heat presses, sandblasting equipment, sublimation printers, and more in my own work space.

The tranquil studio and passion for my work inspires me to create original designs and endlessly personalized products for my customers.

More than anything, I love to see my ideas come to life and to bring creative visions to fruition. For me, taking an item out of the glass etching room or off of the heat press is like opening a Christmas present and revealing my work is always an exciting moment. Even packaging and wrapping provides a creative opportunity for me and I love to imagine the recipient’s warm smile as they open the box.

I believe that if it’s a present, it should be personalized!