Traditional Monogram Styles

Where each letter goes in a  monogram can be confusing.

Here, we show you the formats for the following styles:
Single Initial
Two Initial
Three initial traditional
Three initial - letters of equal size
Three initial traditional - Couple's 
Three initial stacked
Three initial  stacked - Couple's

Single initial monogram: 

                    Last name


Two initial monogram:

First name/Last name


A three initial traditional monogram uses a larger size for the last name initial, the last initial should be positioned in the center like this.  

 First name/Last name/Middle name 


When all three of the letters are the same size, the last initial is at the end like this:

                                        First name/Middle name/Last name

A couple’s monogram is often done with the bride’s first name, first, their married last name in the center and the groom’s first name last like this:

Bride's 1st name/Couple's Last name/Groom's 1st name


A Stacked Monogram with two small and one large capital letter may be appropriate for an individual or a couple.

First Name/Middle name/Last name

Bride's first name/Groom's first name/Couple's Last name